Keep Your Active Family Members Safe With Sports Mouthguards

If you or someone in your family play a sport, then you know the importance of protective equipment. Unfortunately, many weekend athletes will overlook the importance of a high-quality mouthguard. The truth of the matter is that damage to your teeth can have severe consequences.

At Woodland Lakes Dental, we are committed to providing our clients with the utmost dental protection at every turn – this includes protecting our athletes!

There are many benefits to utilizing a sports mouthguard, even for players not participating in high-contact sports. Sports and athletics ultimately pose the potential for injury and taking the necessary precautions to protect your mouth and teeth is crucial.

Why Choose Custom Mouthguards?

When choosing a mouthguard, it is possible to purchase a generic one from a sports goods store. However, generic mouthguards will not be made specifically for the athlete’s mouth shape and thus can lead to discomfort and non-thorough protection.

By coming to Woodland Lakes Dental, you will receive a custom-made mouthguard designed by a dentist specifically for your mouth shape. This will help to better protect your teeth while also fitting more comfortably in your mouth.

Whether your sport is football, hockey, soccer, or any other athletic opportunity where there is even a possibility of contact, Woodland Lakes Dental has the expertise and high-quality materials to make the best mouthguard for your needs.

Benefits of Choosing Woodland Lakes Dental Mouthguards

Broken or damaged teeth can lead to more severe issues, including gum disease and infection. When you choose Woodland Lakes Dental to create your custom sports mouthguard, you can rest assured that you will:

  • Be protected from injury such as fractured or broken teeth
  • Have a comfortable piece of equipment that fits the shape of your mouth
  • Be better able to focus on your sport without worrying about the potential for mouth and tooth injuries

For more information on Woodland Lakes Dental’s sports mouthguards, contact us to schedule a consultation today