Discovering Full and Partial Dentures in Orlando: Your Smile's Best Solution

Are you or someone you care about looking for a solution for missing teeth? Full or partial dentures in Orlando from Woodland Lakes Dental in Alafaya FL are here to help!

Our custom dentures are designed to fit your exact mouth shape to help maintain the structural integrity of your mouth, jaw, and face.

Missing teeth can result from a number of health, behavioral, and environmental factors – but no one should be forced to live without a high-functioning set of teeth. At Woodland Lakes Dental, we can assess your specific needs to help determine whether full or partial dentures in Orlando are best for you.

What are Full Dentures?

Full dentures replace all of your teeth on either the upper arch, lower arch, or both. They may require the removal of all of the teeth on either the top or bottom of the mouth (or both, in cases where both top and bottom are missing a significant number of teeth).

What are Dentures Made From?

Dentures are made using a plastic or synthetic base with false teeth attached. This base can then be fitted over the gums and is designed to fit securely and comfortably. Modern-day dentures have become much more advanced in terms of their appearance and functionality and can function just as normal teeth would.

What are Partial Dentures in Orlando ?

In some cases, there may be enough of the patient’s real teeth to not require all of the teeth to be removed. In this case, partial dentures in Orlando may be the preferred option.

Rather than being made to replace the entire row of teeth, a partial denture typically only replaces one to two teeth, using the existing teeth to help keep them securely in place.

For more information on Woodland Lakes Dental’s full and partial dentures in Orlando or invisalign in orlando, contact us to schedule a consultation today! We’d love to be the reason you can smile with confidence!

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  • Restore speaking, smiling, & chewing functions to your mouth
  • Enjoy a natural-looking, custom-made prosthetic
  • Prevent facial sagging caused by tooth extraction
  • Enjoy the foods you love again
  • Boost your self-esteem!

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